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Internal Documentation

This section contains documentation meant for project administrators, developers, animators, and those wishing to do advanced modifications to a simulation.

The plea bargain simulation allows researchers to test participant’s legal decisions through a computer simulation which offers enhanced participant immersion and ecological validity.

You may view a demo of the simulation here.

For creating new animations from scratch or editing existing:

  • Adobe Animate (Part of Adobe Creative Cloud)

    This is only if you want to add completely new scenes to the simulation. Existing scenes can be rearranged and the scripts may be changed without this software.

To run the simulation on your own:

  • A web server or static hosting
  • A domain name

If serving manually with your own static provider, most have a simple to use upload tool. Select “Manual Download” in the publishing options of your scenario and upload the contents of the .zip to your provider. See this example from Dreamhost for more information.

Simulations may also be run on the project’s existing server. Request access and you will be able to immediately publish from the scenario editor.

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