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What is a Scenario

For clarity it is important to note that scenarios are handled in two separate ways. The Vue app sees the data fetched in /scenarios and /scenario/scenario_id as separate unlike the backend which has scope to all the data at all times.


store/scenarios.js holds the card data for /scenarios. It holds a list of all the available scenarios but only has access to the limited amount of that data that it needs, specifically the metadata for a scenario.

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Scenes (current working scenario)

store/scenes.js holds the full set of data for the current open scenario. It’s name, while not perfect, was given to help prevent the ambiguity if it were called “scenario”.

The reason the VueX store simply does not hold the full state of data is stores can also be seen as a cache of data, from that perspective it is useless, excessive, and simply less clear (due to lack of focus) for the application to scope the full set of every scenario’s data in one place. Modularity and compartmentalization is our friend here for performance and clarity.

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This is currently a stub, WIP


Manages the state of the layout from frames to scenes, and any modification to those objects.

The following sections will provide a breakdown of the scenes.js store.


Scenes store state is comprised of several elements modeled below

Props Type Description
id String Corresponding scenario’s id
numScenes Number Tracks how many non-blank scenes there are
meta Object Basic metadata for a scenario, and it’s properties should be self explanatory
status Object Tracks the validation status and errors present within a frame, composed of the following
frames Object Holds information for each frame
frameList Array Ordered list of the frames id’s (controls the order frames are rendered)
scenes Object Holds information for each scene


Tracks the validation status and errors present within a frame

Props Type Description
valid Boolean Tracks a scenarios validity
frameErrors Array List of frame id’s relating to erroneous frames
sceneErrors Array List of scene id’s relating to erroneous scenes
dirty Number Tracks if any updates to the store are processing (essentially a sequencer)


Holds information for each frame, composed of the following:

Props Type Description
id String Corresponding frame’s id
scenes Array Ordered list of scene id’s within that frame (determines order scenes are rendered in a frame)

Code Outline:

frames = {
  frameId: {
    id: frameId,
    scenes: [sceneId, ...]


Holds information for each scene

Props Type Description
id String Corresponding scenes’s id
props Object Scene’s form information e.g. actor, background, etc.

Code Outline:

scenes = {
  sceneId: {
    id: sceneId,
    props: {},


actions = {
  // **** Axios Actions ****
  async getScenario({ commit, dispatch, state }, id) {},
  async saveScenario({ state }) {},
  async saveMeta({ state }) {},

  // **** Scenario Actions ****
  updateMeta({ commit }, meta) {},

  // **** Condition Actions ****
  addCondition({ commit }) {},
  removeCondition({ commit, dispatch, state }, id) {},
  async copyConditions({ dispatch, state, getters }, idList) {},
  updateTags({ commit }, { id, tags }) {},

  // **** Frame Actions ****
  addFrame({ commit, state }, frameId = null) {},
  removeFrame({ commit, state }, id) {},
  moveFrameDown({ commit }, id) {},
  moveFrameUp({ commit }, id) {},
  setFrameLabel({ commit }, { id, value, valid }) {},

  // **** Scene Actions ****
  addScene({ commit, state, getters }, id) {},
  removeScene({ commit, state, getters }, id) {},
  updateScene({ commit }, { valid, id, props }) {},
  copyScenes({ commit, state }, [parentId, ...childIds]) {},
  bindScenes({ commit, state }, [parentId, ...childIds]) {},
  unbindScene({ commit, state }, { id, props }) {},
  swapScene({ commit, state }, [id1, id2]) {},


export const mutations = {
  // **** Module Mutations ****
  resetState(state) {},

  // **** Axios Mutations ****
  setScenario(state, scenario) {},

  // **** Scenario Mutations ****
  updateMeta(state, payload) {},
  updateSceneCount(state, { modifier, frameId }) {},
  updateFrameErrors(state, { valid, id }) {},

  // **** Condition Mutations ****
  newCondition(state) {},
  deleteCondition(state, { index, id, isLast }) {},
  setTags(state, { id, tags }) {},

  // **** Frame Mutations ****
  newFrame(state, { index, id, frame }) {},
  deleteFrame(state, { id }) {},

  // **** Scene Mutations ****
  setScene(state, { id, scene }) {},
  setSceneProps(state, payload) {},

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