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Static Data

Static data is data that can’t and won’t be changed while the app is running. When this is known, optimizations can be made in the way of code-splitting, etc.

When to use /static vs /assets


Static data is independently served from the server after being built no matters what. Static data should only ever by used by href this can be useful for things like default img src like an icon used throughout the site.


Data that is in anyway imported and/or un-compiled should always be in assets. Assets is essentially a place put there by Nuxt for you to access any data that you may want to use across your application.

For instance we have global styles which are imported in nuxt.config.js, util.js utility functions that can be accessed by anywhere in the app appropriate, or even spec.json even though it a JSON is completely static notice since it is an imported resource it goes in assets/

Lazy Load Assets

More Info

  export default {
    async asyncData({ params }) {
      const spec = await (() => import(`~/assets/spec.json`).then(m => m.default || m))();
      return { spec };

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