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Mixins are a useful tool not only to repeat redundant code but in some instances can also to isolate large related chunks of code that otherwise might bloat a component.

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Selection Mixin

Selection Mixin

Isolates the parent selection logic responsible for managing the selection state and passing it down to selectable children.

Child items inheriting props from the selection system/filters generally use a isSelectable() function in the computed section of a component. However, additional computed values may further derive state from isSelectable or from the inherited props as well for additional functionality.



// Enum for the set of modes
const Modes = {
  COPY: 1,
  BIND: 2,
  SWAP: 3,
// Enum for the set of selectable types
const Select = {
  NONE: 0,
  ANY: 1,
  SCENE: 2,


defines the master object that defines all the state information in the following format

[Modes.my_mode]: {                  // Name Object using an enum from Modes
  type: Number,                     // Select Enum for valid type (use `Select.ANY` for all)
  filters: [String, ...],           // Array of string filters
  actions: {                        // Holds action set that to define what action each allowed select type uses
    [Select.my_select]: function,
  messages: [                       // Defines messages to display before/after
    'Select an element to copy from',
    'Select element(s) to paste to'



Description: Resets the state for selection management so it’s empty

addToSelection(eventId, selectedType) {
  eventId       // emitted id of item just selected
  selectedType  // type corresponding to the id of the item emitted

Description: Handles adding an item to the selection system

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